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bp_get_following_ids() returns a string ?

  • abysshorror


    Hi, I’m using the BP follow plugin (which rocks :)) but I came across a little surprise trying to extend it. As I posted on the plugin’s forum I want users to be able send each other PMs if the destinatary is following the sender. I managed to get that but the “Private message” button was still there. I made a little hook to remove if it’s not possible to send a message to the user but in order to make it I found out that the function used to get the following’s ids returns a string, instead of an array of ids (which was my guess).

    I’m not a programmer (I’m learning to code with BP) but I think bp_get_following_ids() returning an array would be much more useful. What do you think ?

    Thanks !

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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