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bp_has_group bug!!! – Groups loop

  • Youraj Pawar


    Here is scenario: I have customised group loop so I removed that ajax query string. Yesterday I created 5-6 groups and tag them with type ‘A’ using plugin bp-group tags . I have a page where i display groups by categories. This was all working fine so far. Then I moved the code and database to live server and imported sql file from phpmyadmin into this database on live server. (this db already had some data). Then I created few more groups with tags ‘B’ on live server and I exported sql file from live server and imported on local machine phpmyadmin. Now I created 15 groups on local machine with tag ‘C’ and now I can only see groups of tag ‘C’ listed by bp_has_groups with default parameters set. I’m so confused is it because of DB ? or bp_has_groups bug On local machine then I created 2 new groups with tag ‘D’ and bp_has_groups shows them. One more thing i don’t know if it matters for this page I have used session_start and I don’t use ajax query string. Assuming by default bp_has_groups will return me all groups.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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