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bp_xprofile_data remains even after user account is deleted.

  • chestnut_jp


    Though a user or administrator deletes the user’s account, data in bp_xprofile_data appears to remain.
    This must be a bug but I do not know how to fix it.


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  • I doubt it’s a bug but design, deleting an account is a WP process, xprofile data is BP data I would assume that WP is not aware of a plugins tables and therefore couldn’t and wouldn’t delete that data. Generally plugins that create tables do not clean them up if deactivated in case data is still required likewise WP would be in error if it started to delete plugin tables. Of course I might be wrong on all that :)

    I think we fixed this (or something similar) in trunk. @chestnut_jp you could always make a bug report on so we remember to double-check it.

    @djpaul so I was basically completely wrong with the above then! :) that will teach me I’ll keep my mouth shut in future. :(

    So chestnut rather than sign off posts with ‘Anyone?’ submit trac tickets they get better attention from the core devs.



    Thank you @djpaul and @hnla.

    Because I?am not sure nor have a good solutions, I hesitate to write trac tickets.
    Well, I will write tickets as just a bug report even without supposed solutions, from now on.

    Don’t worry too much about submitting tickets (and they don’t have to provide a solution) if you have a fair idea that something is of the nature of a bug – as you had hear – and can describe the nature of it as technically as possible with steps to reproduce if required then a ticket will definitely be reviewed and dealt with in one fashion or another. The Trac application is geared to tracking and logging and is far easier to find items when submitted to it than entering on the support forum where they may get lost, although it doesn’t hurt to start a forum post as well with perhaps a link to the ticket for reference.

    Trac also may be used for adding ‘Enhancement’ type tickets so if you had a idea of an improvement that might be made or feature added that is the place to raise it as well.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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