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BPDEV-EXAMPLE another Building Block For BP Component

  • nicolagreco


    As David Bisset for BP-Test, i wrote a very basic component for BuddyPress called bpdev-example that you can find in the link at the end of the topic

    This isn’t really a plugin but is a starting point for developers. The difference between bpdev-example and bp-test is :

    bpdev-example is a minimalistic extending component that includes all in one php page.

    Users don’t have to add files on member-theme. (with this feature, given that it works on plugin-template.php, if someone uses a member-theme different from the default, he doesn’t need to touch the code).

    Here a support page for BPDEV-EXAMPLE :

    And here you can download it:

    As soon as possible I’ll write an HOWTO for it.

    Nicola Greco

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