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BPDEV-Plugins Plans

  • nicolagreco


    Hi guys

    after more than 4-5 months playing with BuddyPress and after 2 months with BuddyPressDEV,

    i decided to make a new set of plugins to extend excellent BuddyPress feature.

    Here are the BPDEV-PLUGINS planes:

    Extended Groups ( already done 70% )

    |- Extra Group Fields ( done )

    |- Group Role

    |- Group Privacy

    Extended Search

    |- Ajax Search ( 70% )

    | |- Members Search ( done )

    | |

    | |- Groups Search

    | | |- Extra Group Fields search

    | |

    | |- Events Search

    | | |- Extra Events Fields search

    | |

    | |- Blog Search

    | |

    |- Group Extra Field search

    Chat (not planned yet)


    |- Activate/deactivate BPDEV Plugins (done)


    |- Date, type & etc..

    |- RSVP


    |- All components “widgettizabled”

    |- Extra Widgets

    |- Group

    |- Members

    |- Events

    DEV Framework

    (framework to develope simple extended components with few lines (flickr plugin = 16 lines of code :-))

    all news about that soon at

    === SVN here ===

    svn co

    === Trac here ===

    Trac access contact me via email nicola at

    That’s all for now

    Nicola Greco

    BPDEV :)

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  • Anointed


    Great job Nicola!

    I was able to hook up to the svn properly and have all the plugins functioning on my website. It is going to be nice to just use the svn for now until everything is stable.

    These are really going to be some great plugins, and I look forward to future development as well. As always, you never cease to amaze me.

    Are you still planning to do the Facebook plug-in? How much money do we need to chip in for that?



    @mark this is not included in bpdev-plugins,

    i’ll develope it not for bpdev i think

    Thanks. Do you still think the Facebook plug-in could be finished soon? How much money would it cost for the work? I think that several people are willing to chip in for this (including me).



    The list contains now


    |- Home Theme

    |- Member theme

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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