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BP/MU integration issue and possible cause

  • OCS Foundation CTO


    I know admins have a long standing problem getting BP and MU to play nicely together. I am building a network of sites for which I would like to take advantage of the expanded profiles that BP offers. The sites have operated a silos in the past (isolated installations) but we want to get away from this and allow users to visit all sites with the same login the same way I can create a login on and use it on

    While I am new to WP and BP, I have many years of coding experience. After looking through the code I believe that BP is not evaluating the BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE variable for both the admin bar and the header. I am just not sure where that evaluation should take place. I would appreciate the input from someone with more knowledge of how all the BP and WP code fits together.

    Another issue I am experiencing is that the stylesheet for the admin bar is not getting added to the on the primary site.

    Again, anyone’s help is greatly appreciated. If I figure it out myself I will be happy to share the solution.

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