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Breaking apart BP template tags

  • Matt McFarland


    Stats: WP 3.7.1, BP 1.9, custom theme.

    Hi there,

    I’m a PHP/CSS3/HTML5/JS developer and I’ve managed to create my own theme with wordpress. While wordpress codex has helped me mostly along the way, I’m stumped on BP.

    I’ve been studying the codex and also lurking among the forums. Searching high and low through the google, and really could use your help.

    I need to change the HTML that is generated from multiple tags, specifically all the tags used in BP 1.9.

    I would prefer to be able to grab the content that entry.php does Outside the loop, and throw it in the <head> title.

    Everything I look up is just function after function. BP has functions that seem to go on an endless chain of functions and is very hard to understand when looking under the hood. So, how does one just grab the raw content?

    Would like to be able to do sometihng like with wordpress: $post->date,author,image,content,excerpt,title. How would this be done with $bp???

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