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Breaking the Language Barrier via BuddyPress

  • Pisanojm


    Some thoughts:

    Background: We are currently having an influx of native Spanish speakers in our field and participating in our Twitter Chats.

    Proposed Implementation: Could we set aside certain groups in a particular language that could post along with regular posts, but be filtered by default to show the native language only in the TweetStreams? I.E. As an English Speaker, I only see the English Groups/Streams by default, BUT could and an inclusive filter to show a particular language and/or multie languages?

    Further Extension: Then a user could choose to translate by clicking a button that would use the Google Translate Service…. They could then reply in their native language and have the option to post it as such or posted it as translated….

    The filters are the key to making it not too mangled and the auto-translation is the key to making it work… Kind of like a virtual UN via Buddypress… Yes, I’m excited about the possibilities….

    It seems like the technology is already here to do this and how awesome would something be like this for Educational purposes like ours and others?

    Maybe this is already in your thoughts? If there are with the ability to do this kind of thing well and have a decided background in WP/BP/Google APIs , I would be willing to look for and help write grants for it…

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