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Bring a post in from another blog

  • wayneconnor


    I can’t seem to find a way to bring a post in from one of my WordPress mu blogs to feature in the main blog.

    If the point of buddy press is to be a collection of blogs around a similar theme, it makes sense that every now and then you might want to pull a blog article from one of the peripheral blogs and make it a main blog article.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Is anyone working on a way to do this?

    The site wide featured blog kind of does it, but I don’t want just a little blog relegated to a sidebar widget, I want it to appear like the main blog.

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  • Boone Gorges


    I don’t think there’s an easy way to do it. I’m planning on building a tool that allows blog authors to send certain posts to different blogs on the same WP install (or for admins to pull from another blog) but it won’t be ready for another few weeks.



    There are a few options:

    1) Featured Posts MU – – uses a template tag that you can add to your homepage template or a widget.

    2) BP Sitewide Featured Posts – – uses a widget, but you could setup a widgetized frontpage and then you can use this widget. You could probably also modify the code to use it as a template tag.


    I misread your post, Wayne.

    If you want the post’s content from another blog to reside on your main blog, you should think about making the user a contributor on your main blog. Then you won’t run into this issue.



    @andrea_r can do it.

    She and ron created a “promote to main blog” plugin that I use on housingstorm. It allows me to pick and chose the best posts from the community to load to the main blog.

    It’s not perfect…with duplication in the activity stream and some funky comment settings that I have to change each time, but it does the job.



    Found another plugin:


    Could probably modify the code to remove the voting part.


    @anointed is almost the pefect tool for this. It doesn’t allow you to choose which ones to bring in, it brings them all in.

    I found one glaring problem though and it has to do with images in posts from other blogs. Basically when a post is made on another blog, it seems that it is automatically copied behind the scenes to the primary blog, only the title will link back to the original blog.

    The problem with images, is that when wordpress gallery inserts images into a post, it uses a relative path and that is what is saved. Because that is what is brought over to the original blog, when the loop tries to display the image, it has no way of knowing what the blog id# of the image truly is.


    the 4th article down is ‘welcome to the support blog, if you click the title, notice it takes you to another domain. I did nothing to make this happen, it is all automated. When I created the post on the other blog, it was automatically added to my primary buddypress site blog.

    If I could find a way around the image problem, then at least for me it’s the perfect solution to what your asking for

    oh yeah, has the same duplicate activity problem as other plugins mentioned above. solution to that lies in



    Boone the one you are describing sounds perfect and I can wait 2 weeks.

    A tool that allows admins to pull from other posts is perfect.



    @andrea_r can do it. She and ron created a “promote to main blog” plugin that I use on housingstorm.

    so did you pay for this?



    Found a plugin called one click republish to do it.

    But had to change line 85:

    from this $blogs = get_site_option( “blog_list” );

    to this: $blogs = get_blog_list();

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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