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Broken Member list driven by buddy press profile field

  • bchdan


    WP 5.8.2
    Buddpress 9.1.1

    I have a searchable/filterable list on a page that includes a subset of all registered site users. The list is generated by a custom plugin that loops through the Buddypress member profiles and looks for a value (the buddy press field is a custom field). If there is a value, the user is included in the list. The problem is that the list has been working in the past but now displays some but not all members that should be displayed. There is no discernible discrepancy between data for members that are and are not being displayed. And it’s not just new users that are not displaying. Any thoughts on how to attack this problem?

    For starters, this is the function being called to return all Buddypress members, does this look right?

    if ( (bp_ajax_querystring( ‘members’).’&type=alphabetical&per_page=1000′) ) {
    while (bp_members()) : bp_the_member();

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