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Buddy Bar / BuddyPress code missing on sub-domain blogs

  • tracedef


    Somewhere in upgrade to 1.0.3 / 2.8.2 the buddybar disappeared from member blogs. Actually it looks like no buddypress CSS / javascript or related code is being loaded in header of sub-domain blogs…. the blogs are running as if buddypress is not installed….. hence no buddybar …

    Any ideas or feedback on how / why this might be occuring? buddypress works fine on main domain, dashboard, blogs pages, members pages, etc, forums….. etc.

    Also noticed there is a cookie problem, not sure if it is related or not… users login and are redirected to home page, then if they attempt to go to their dashboard via the buddybar (their blogs show there correctly) they are asked to login again…. weird.

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  • Erm, it’s working on my hosted blogs. No immediate ideas. Have you changed/upgraded the themes the member blog(s) have used?



    Haven’t touched themes… I edited original post above… it looks as though there’s actually zero buddypress code being loaded in sub-domain headers… hence no buddy bar…. so that’s the problem, the buddybar is merely a symtom….



    I restored database from two days ago to see if that fixed the issue and it did… no clue what changed in the interim…

    John James Jacoby


    Just had a chance to see this Trace, glad you were able to get it resolved.



    i enable my wp as multisite . my problem is the entire (buddypress plugin)user,activity,group,member info is reflected to my sub domain sites . plz can u fix that issue
    Thanks in advance

    This topic is three years old; I shouldn’t need to tell you how much has changed in BuddyPress and WordPress since then. Please make your own, new, post, and provide more details about your problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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