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Buddy Bar doesn’t show all blogs I can edit.

  • jodyw1


    On the WP/BP install I’m developing, I’m one of two super-users, the developer is the other. In the dashboard, it shows me as a member of the main, root blog. But on the “My Blog” drop-down, the master site doesn’t appear. I can still get to it and the dashboard, but I can’t seem to make it show.

    Question: Is it supposed to show? I thought it was. I thought anyone with access to the root hosting blog would get it in their “My Blogs.” Am I mistaken in this? Is there something I haven’t configured correctly?

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  • Mike


    I think it’s like that by default. I can only view the blogs that I created as the Super Admin from the admin bar, even though I can get to the other blogs in different ways. Took me a double-take to figure that out, as well =)



    Thanks Michael. I was going nuts trying to figure the problem out. I bookmarked the admin page for the root blog, so I’ll go at it from there. Maybe someone will notice this post and write a script for “Show Super User Status on My Blogs”.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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