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Buddy Press Forums Not Working

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  • My working setup for a site-wide forum is:
    Disable the BuddyPress Forum component altogether (BuddyPress>Components)
    Install the bbPress plugin for WordPress.
    Don’t create a “Forum” page within WordPress. If one exists, I got odd behavior, even if it was in Draft status. (Definitely don’t make a Forums page and add the bbPress shortcode.)
    Enable bbPress plugin.
    Create a new forum via the admin menu Forums > New Forum.
    Go to the dashboard menu Settings > Permalinks and Save. (This flushes your permalinks.)

    Now, when you go to your bbPress default slug, it should take over and build the page. If you have other forum-related weirdness, like “Please pick the group forum where you would like to post this topic” or “Can’t create topic”, check for the existence of bbconfig.php at the root of your web space. If it exists, open it and make sure that it has the correct database info entered in it. (The host, user and password should probably match what is entered in wp-config.php.)



    I tried this and now when I go to a new forum page at it gives me a page not found error message.

    There isn’t a bbconfig.php file in my root directory.

    Is bbPress activated? (From the WP admin interface, can you see new buttons on your dashboard for forums, topics & replies?) Can you add a new forum?

    What’s your “forums base” & “single slug” at Settings > Forums?



    Yes, it seems to be activated. From WPadmin, I can see Forums, All Forums and New Forums and I can create a new one. No Topics and Replies buttons though.

    The forums base for bbPress is forums
    The single slug is forums

    It does say there may be a conflict with buddy press with these slugs, but the buddypress forum option is turned off.





    Any further ideas on this? Or should I try another forum instead of bbPress?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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