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Buddy Press group custom fields Plugin

  • I am near to complete a plugin containing most wanted feature for Buddy Press groups,
    yeah this plugin is to add the custom fields to groups.

    Once fields will be custom fields will be added they will appear will all groups.
    you will be able to add any type of fields (text,text area,radio buttons,check boxes,select lists) and any number of fields from BP backed.
    Using this custom fields feature will be able to create any type of group :D

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  • 4ella


    :-) nice , this is very needed feature , I am using @modemlooper code and it is working perfect , but it can’t work with different types of groups (I have 2-3 types of groups) pls try to create it with sets of templates for specific groups , for example if you have groups of photographers , you can create set of fields for photographers , if you have groups of model agencies , be able to create set of fields for model agencies (are different than photographers) and then every model agency will only click for their specific model agency group and will fill out their model agencies group form.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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