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Buddy press groups – spam management

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    Our site is at We are using Buddy press 2.0 and WordPress latest version. We have an issue with new members joining our site and creating spam groups. We are examining ways of stopping them from registering by using two factor registration. This should reduce it and we are also looking at WP plugin linked to an external spam domain list service to reduce this issue at entry to our site. However the group creation process is really another issue and at present we have no way of controlling the groups being created, other than looking at the list of groups each day and deleting the ones we feel are spam. Are there any WP tools that will alert our site admin and/or give us more control over groups being used specifically for spam. Thanks

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  • Anonymous User 18187419


    Possible options to look at:

    – verification email on signup is a must.

    – Plugin “BP Restrict Signup By Email Domain” ….lets you restrict new signups to gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. Will prevent 99% of spam-bot registrations (eg. s.p.a.m.m.e.r. at spambot dot xyz).

    – Plugin “BP Registration Options” …holds all new signups in a moderation queue until manual approval by admin, during which time they can’t interact with Buddypress components (and I assume cannot create new groups).

    Just some suggestions.

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