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Buddy Press Help needed *Noobie Here*

  • conceptthegreat


    There are a couple things i need help with for my site, so ill include them all in 1 post.

    1) I want it so that, when a user clicks on a group it doesnt just show their name, i want their avatar/profile pic to show beside it. like the default member directory picture in this post ( not the round pictures)

    2) I want to display a box with about 10-15 users the same way they do on the site above for facebook on the right sidebar. ive seen it on other BP sites, but dont know how to set it up

    3) I want it so that “Newest Members” and “Whos Online” Profile links are clickable, right now it just shows a picture and a Displayname

    4) I also wanted to setup my page so that if a registered user logs in it takes them straight to their homepage. ive tried 1 plugin i think its called bp home, but its not working.

    please help with these things, thanks so much
    my site is

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  • bp-help


    That is an awful lot of “wants” for one topic. You would probably do better tackling each issue separately on different topics. If you don’t get the help you need then I would suggest hiring a developer to do it for you. For future reference I would not use a list with multiple changes as you did on this forum because if you will add multiple topics and add the specifics you will get more help overall. There may be people that can help with one or two items you listed but they may not even read your topic and aid you because you was not specific on each individual item. Make sense?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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