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Buddy Press Multi Network

  • bpmnfan


    Hello all,

    I am trying to set up a WordPress & Buddypress Network;

    where will represent the main network and selectively display content from the various other sites – the main idea is that the multi network will share its user base (only have to sign up at 1 of the sites) while they will have a unique social network and a unique user profile with a unique set of profile fields at each of the sites.

    * I have set up WordPress Multisite and all is well
    * I have set up WP Multi Network and all is well
    * I have set up BuddyPress and all is well
    * I have set up BP Multi Network – and I really don’t know…
    Plugin is installed in /wp-content/mu-plugins/ as the instructions
    say. I have enabled it (and BP itself) on the main network BEFORE creating any other network. All seems to be fine. I’ve tried both
    network and per site enabling of BP and BP Multi Network on new networks.

    If I enable only BP on the secondary network – it will copy all
    of the profile fields and field groups from the main network..

    If I enable both BP and BP Multi Network on the secondary network I seem to be allowed to create new / unique profile fields and groups but it won’t allow me to save citing “error saving the …”.

    So – did I misunderstand the idea of WP + BP Multi Network and are
    users required to have the same profile on every network (which
    is not what I want) or did I do something wrong, or is there
    something wrong with the plugins…?

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