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  • desimigrants


    Dear support,

    I am looking to create a form that requires users to enter their current country and destination country. Two country drop downs. Does buddy press have country drop down field and and guidance on how to incorporate this will be appreciated.

    Does buddypress integrate with Mycred?

    I want to have an option on the Buddy press registration page that allows users to enter referral id of the person who referred them to the website. If someone registers by entering referral id or comes to the website by clicking referral link generated on My cred, then points to be awarded for the person who referred via the referral hook. Please advise how this can be achieved

    Also, does buddypress support email activation feature to activate account. I would like to setup Mycred hook and buddypress in a manner that points are awarded for sign up only after activation by the user by clicking email. Is this possible?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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