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Buddy press thousands of spam user registrations

  • danial


    i am currently working on a website that is using buddypress plugin and i am getting thousands of email on daily basis of spam user registration.
    wordpress version: Version 5.5.3
    buddypress Version 6.4.0
    parent theme: omega
    child theme DeliciousVersion: 0.1.2 (currently install)

    i have applied the following methods
    i) install wp zero spam (it has to blocked the spam user)
    ii) install the (Advanced noCaptcha & invisible captcha) captcha is working but spams are bypassing it.
    iii) install the (BuddyPress reCAPTCHA), its not updated on latest 3 versions of wordpress not working.
    iv) install a third party plugin(Pixel Jar BuddyPress Honeypot) not working.
    v) install (Spam Destroyer) not working, it also just blocking, not a permeant solution
    vi) install (Wordfence Security) to scan the website, not found any serious error.
    vii) got a plugin (wangguard) from forums answers, but not working on latest wordpress versions.
    viii) install (BuddyPress Security Check), not working just because of latest updates of wordpress.

    so can you at-least tell me the permeant solution for this.

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