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Buddybar login redirects to wrong domain on mapped domains?

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    Hi all. After I activated the domain mapping plugin on my WPMU (2.8.4.a)/BP (1.1.1) isnatll I noticed one annoying thing:

    When clicking on the ‘log in’ link on the buddybar (while I am on the mapped domain), It takes me to:

    The good thing is, the login works, the bad thing is that it only logs you in on the main site (where it redirects to). This annoying as you have to manually type in your blog url again.

    What’s more, as you are only logged in on the main domain, you are still not logged on on the mapped domain (even though the logons are the same).

    - Is there a way to sign in on the local/mapped blog instead (so the login button goes to _and_ redirects to and not to maindomain/wp-login.php?

    – Can the buddy bar be adapted to do this (simply a relative path to /wp-login.php would do it? Where can I change the links of the bar?

    – Is there a simple trick to have a single sign-on for both domains?

    Cheers, Harry

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