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[Resolved] BuddyBlog?

  • ldjautobody


    Hi guys…I am a little upset with myself as last evening, very late, I somehow ran across someone talking about group blogs in Buddy Press and got off track…as usually happens when I start reading all this great stuff! But, I somehow stumbled on a blog by S. Brahesh when he had first introduced a plugin called “BuddyBlog”. I was so interested in reading the stuff that I actually posted a comment and didn’t realize that the comment I posted was on something that was written some time back…I am new to BuddyPress and all this good stuff.

    Anyway…could someone please point me back to that blog site? I simply can’t find it OR BuddyBlog and I am starting to think I imagined the whole thing!

    So please tell me where I was last evening…around 2:30 in the morning…thank you!

    Denise (ldjautobody)

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  • Andrew Tegenkamp




    Yessssss! Thanks @andrewteg! I was seriously beginning to think I dreamed the whole thing up…not sure why I could not find this page, but that is EXACTLY where I was.

    Now, since I have found what I was looking for, I’d really like to get some opinions of the plugin and see if this will actually do what I am planning for this site. I am open to all opinions and suggestions. My understanding of BuddyPress and bbPress is coming along and the site is starting to look like what I envisioned. You can see the preliminary site at

    First, let me explain what I have planned for this site and, like I said, I am open to all suggestions and comments. I would like to hear what the experts have to say. Good or bad, I need your opinions. You ALL have great ideas and I respect whatever you might have to say or add. 🙂

    This blog and forum are dedicated to custom car and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Car enthusiasts are passionate about their subject, and in addition to giving them a place to share their projects and discuss those among each other, I would also like to let them post some articles, hoping that the fresh content will keep the search engines hanging out on the site and help boost the rankings. I have never run a forum site or used BuddyPress or bbPress before and I’m not really sure how this all works in relation to SEO. I do, however, deal with car and motorcycle enthusiasts on a daily basis and I know that I can most likely count on them to get some very good discussions going among themselves and that is my hope for this site.

    We will also be doing some affiliate marketing from this site, and my hope is that in a perfect World, the fresh content and activity level of the site will keep us ranking well in the search engines and bring some new customers to the site. Since we are an “auto body shop”, our normal advertising is concentrated in a very local area. The affiliate site, however, will have a much broader range and we will be advertising nationwide vs. the small local area that the body shop is limited to. So my hope is that the increased activity on the site will increase the number of people visiting and also help us reach out well beyond our local area. At least, that is our goal for now!

    Thank you all again for all of your help. I am looking forward to hearing anything my experts have to add as we move forward with getting the site ready to launch. 🙂


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