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BuddyBoss Problem with subnav display for subscribers

  • kwavewd


    I am using Buddypress and the BuddyBoss theme. I have 2 user types contributors and subscribers I made using BP Member Types and user profile fields. Everything is working except.

    When a contributor is logged in and goes to a tab say members/username/messages the subnav tabs show perfectly little grey boxes next to each other.


    when a subscriber goes to a tab say members/username/messages the css for the subnav tabs does not show as if it’s not pulling the css. I check and the file that controls this css section is buddyboss/css/buddypress-main.min.css and I checked this file is being used in the source code of this page. So for some reason the subscriber account is not pulling this style sheet even though it’s shown as included in the source. I tried to hard code the entire css into my page and it still didn’t show.

    the other thing I noticed was the code for the nav section was setup like this for contributor

    <div id=”buddypress”>
    <div id=”item-header” role=”complementary”>
    <div id=”item-nav”>
    <div id=”item-body”>

    but the subscriber one only shows like this

    <div id=”buddypress”>
    <div id=”item-nav”>
    <div id=”item-body”>

    why would the section <div id=”item-header” role=”complementary”> not be showing for subscribers? Could this be my problem

    Anyone have any ideas?

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