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Buddypess default theme

  • ukmark


    Is there any tutorials on how to work Buddypress for novice’s like myself? To be honest, i have just installed Buddypress today and i haven’t got a clue what to do next. I have no idea how to edit this Buddypress default theme for which i am not a fan off. My template is called “nest” but that’s not compatible with Buddypress.
    Anyhow, basically all i want to do is create a page with a login form which users will type in their username, password, email address etc.
    Any advice will be appreciated

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  • The BP codex is your friend, please start by reading through all the user / beginner docs there.

    You will probably need to use the template pack for making BP compatible with a third party theme, there are detailed guides and steps to take in the codex as well as a comprehensive list of themes already run through the process.

    You do need some very basic skills though, the ability to read , copy/paste html and PHP is a necessity and a general understanding of the files you are dealing with.

    There is a learning curve involved and wanting to integrate BP into a thir party theme while not actually hard does appear confusing for novices and some patience has to be applied.

    Give things a go though before calling on mercimes services (obviously this forum is not actually a service :) ) as mercime is being inundated with these requests.

    Or if you can hang on BP 1.7 will solve this theme issue by becoming automagically compatible with any theme chosen.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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