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Buddypress 1.2.5 Failed To Upgrade

  • arghagain



    I’m trying to upgrade buddypress to 1.2.5, I’m using wordpress 3.0 (multisite enabled) and multidb (version 3.0) from wpmudev, using latest apache and latest mysql, but buddypress 1.2.5 failed to be upgraded!

    After upgrade to buddypress 1.2.5, suddenly, the admin backend show the message that I need to update the sites in yellow highlight at the very top (click on this result in something malform cannot be connect to db, something of this sort – I don’t remember exact error phrase I saw), buddypress failed to appear when clicked on the network (1) link that showed activated network plugin. The admin backend also acted weirdly and nothing worked as it supposed to!

    I played by the play-book by disabled all plugins, and disabled buddypress, rm -rf /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/ and then mv /buddypress.1.2.5/buddypress/ to /wp-content/plugins/, go back and network activated buddypress, then the problem above happened!

    Also, you can take a look at this link here where I described the same problem, I may figure out there first, and so if anyone has the same problem can look it up to solve theirs, but if you have (anyone) an answer to this, please help me out!


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