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Buddypress 1.5.5 Update issues

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    Mary Jane


    Hi there thanks for the awesome update but it completely killed a plugin on my site, its the plugin – Buddypress Stalker and this is the error

    Fatal error: Class ‘BP_Component’ not found in /home/hvhamco1/public_html/ on line 14


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    Paul Gibbs


    If you deactivate the plugin, and re-activate it, does it fix the problem?

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    Boone Gorges


    It sounds like the BuddyPress Stalker plugin is the culprit – my guess is that it is not initializing itself properly, so that when WP deactivates BuddyPress momentarily during the upgrade process, Stalker continues to try to load (incorrectly). If you can’t do what Paul suggests (perhaps because you can’t access your Dashboard), use an FTP client to navigate to `wp-content/plugins/` and rename the BuddyPress Stalker plugin directory to something like `bp-stalker-backup`. That should bring your site back, at which point you can change that plugin’s folder back and/or reactivate it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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