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BuddyPress 1.6 Beta 1 is ready to test

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  • Paul Wong-Gibbs





    Developers deserve huge credit.

    Testing on a local install.

    Child theme of bp-default.

    bp multi network.

    Forums for Groups.

    70+ plugins simultaneously (list at Mainly buddypress plugins – some old.

    All well so far

    Obviously there are hundreds/thousands of other plugins – just didn’t get round to them –yet.

    a) With bp-upm (a major plugin imho) -perfect in single install, in multi-install settings do not appear in dashboard but access can be got through Could just be on this installation.

    b) Also haven’t really tested bp-mass-messaging or mass messaging for buddypress (2 plugins) though they both turn up and appear to be ok.

    You guys and the volunteers here have normalized the expectation that anybody of average intelligence with access to a computer can create a sophisticted scalable social network in a few hours.

    How cool is that!

    Thank you.

    Hmm bp-upm is me but I did recently upgrade it to work with 1.6 and haven’t spotted any issues, but will have a look again when there’s a moment, (possibly I got network paths wrong – do hate trying to figure out multi site admin)



    Presume this is the best place for feedback. if not let me know and i’ll do a separate topic.

    Bp 1.6 Beta 1 and up to trunk 6154 and wp 3.4.1 local install

    on a single site with bp default theme and on a multisite with child of bp default.

    Changes to Profile fields visibility don’t seem to be sticking

    Hobbies – not a required field Who can see this field ? Anyone (default)

    Change Anyone to Logged in Users and Press Save Changes.

    Green Box arrives on top of page —-> Changes Saved

    But the changes are NOT saved. Everything stays the same !

    Refresh page/Empty cache —> No help,

    Same for non-admin user as for admin.

    I have a good few plugins active and that possibly could be the cause.

    Will disable these tomorrow to check.

    In the meantime it would be great to have this confirmed or refuted.



    ok. this is happening with buddypress as the sole plugin active. (Single site install bp default theme admin user, non admin user – the behavior is as described above)

    opened a ticket



    Can’t reproduce this online – so its something to do with my set-up

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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