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Buddypress 1.9 broke BBPress Forum search widget

  • e-regular



    I have just installed Buddypress 1.9 to my website and what used to be a great forum search tool no longer functions. When I click the submit button nothing happens.

    The reason I installed buddypress 1.9 is to allow users of my forum to private message each other. I read on a number of other topic posts here, JJJ said that the PM functionality was not available in BBPress.

    So my option now is either – I have no search functionality, or no PM functionality.

    I have tried to install a large number of plugins such as WP Ultimate Search, Relevanssi and BBPress Forum Search (and the extended forum search) but none of these works with the BBPress Forum search widget. Some of them do work with the blog side search but that is not what I want unfortunately.

    I have looked at Buddypress options/settings and none pertain to bbpress forum search engine.

    Henry Gomez

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