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Buddypress 2.2 and Links page

  • Venutius


    I use Buddypress links, I upgraded to Buddypress 2.2 this morning and on both my sites the links page no longer works.

    I get following error message:

    The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Links.

    However when I go to repair it I see the association already exists

    But when I try to view the links page I just get a blank page now.

    Is this an issue for Buddypress or does Buddypress Links now need to change?

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  • hi @venutius

    Sorry something went wrong with BuddyPress Links.

    It appears this plugin has a specific way to build its component. It’s actually not using the BP_Component class.

    I’ve run some test with branch 1.7 of the BuddyPress skeleton component ( which is using the BP_Component class to set its example component. With this plugin, the directory page issue is not happening.

    So i’d recommand the author of the plugin to use the BP_Component class making sure the Links component is set as active using this kind of code

    In 2.2 we’ve introduced a bp_is_active() check in the function bp_core_get_directory_page_ids(), i think it’s the reason why this problem has occured with this plugin. See



    Same problem here .. pretty annoying, to be honest:


    “☠ [16:50 GMT – @scaffiesadmin ] Through the BuddyPress Update the page “Links Elsewhere” was broken – all Links disappeared. Hmph! Removed t from the menu.”

    We had lots (!) of links entered on the page(s) under “Links” and many ‘up’ and ‘down’ votes. ALL are lost, it is now completely empty and I had to remove the page from the menu.

    When I stated on our change log I had upgraded Buddypress to the latest version, I added “let’s see what it fixed and what it broke” .. something always seems to go wrong, and with over 260,000 users, it is a bummer.
    Sadly, I was proven right 🙁

    This is a bad day for open source development.

    We (all the admins) are clueless about “classes” and “skeleton components” – we just use the software, pay / donate for what we do use, and hope it works … and does not render the work and efforts of thousands worthless in a single, badly tested software update.

    I am afraid to install updates – the last one required some code changes do be done manually to fix something else which was broken – yet have to, in order to avoid security problems.

    We are not using Multi-Site (i.e. single site, WP 4.1, and all plugins in their latest revisions).

    Brandon, London



    this was the issue before (quotes from our change log)
    .. and it took from SEP/OCT 2014 to now you get it sorted in this 2.2.0 release.

    07 OCT 2014 – Tuesday
    ☠ [10:35 GMT – @scaffiesadmin ] Dumb: the previous BuxFix (known BP 2.1 issues) a few days (Oct 1st) ago, which solved a bug we had reported (GitHub), was NOT included in today’s bugfix update. Manually restored it. Hmmmpf!
    ☠ [09:00 GMT – @scaffiesadmin ] Updated 1 Plug-In: BuddyPress BugFix Release v2.1.1

    this referred to the “enqueue” bug, which was previously discovered, and manually fixed

    ☠ [14:35 GMT – @scaffiesadmin ] BuxFix (known BP 2.1 issues) received: The BuddyPress people found a bug we had reported (GitHub)- some of the broken functions are now restored!

    23 SEP 2014 – Tuesday
    ☠ [18:30 GMT – @scaffiesadmin ] Upgrading to WordPress 4 and BuddyPress 2.1 unfortunately broke some things – we reported it upstream, and hope for a solution soon.

    Hi Brandon,

    I’m really sorry about the inconvenience.

    I think this is very specific to the way the BuddyPress links plugin is built. Maybe the plugin developer will be able to find a quick fix.

    In the meantime, @venutius @scaffies you can use a bp-custom.php file and paste in it this temporary fix :

    I really suggest you to remove the code as soon as the plugin author fixed the trouble.



    Thank you for the quick response.

    This kind of PHP code is above my head, so we cannot do much else but wait for a fix.

    Will this bring back all the links and votes? Or are they lost for good?

    The code will make sure the BP Links directory page is displayed.

    I think, there’s no problem with the database. It’s a good practice (i really advise you to follow) to make a backup of all your files and/or at least your database before any upgrade of your WordPress configuration.



    Yes I restored from backup and I’ll wait on upgrading to 2.2 until there’s a fix (fingers crossed!)

    @all A word of advise where mission critical sites are concerned, it’s a really good idea to invest a little time if possible to setting up a simple local dev version of your site so that you can test run any updates before performing on your live production site. It’s fairly easy nowadays to achieve this either using something like Xampp or I believe there are WP solutions that will also setup localhost sites.



    Yep I have a test system

    Henry Wright


    @hnla that’s even more of a good idea if the site in question has many plugins installed. There’s simply no way of knowing how some plugins will interact with a new version of BP unless they’ve been tested. My advice is, don’t rely on the plugin developer to do it. Instead, set up a test install and do it yourself! Before go live.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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