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Buddypress 2.4.0: Profile fields broken

  • Rami



    I’m using the KLEO theme, latest version, and Buddypress 2.4.0.
    1) When going to wp-admin Users – Profile Fields – , the tabs have a broken style (only the Primary tab appears correctly, the other ones are there but with no names and small, kind of a css problem)
    2) In both wp-admin and the front-end (edit profile), the checkboxes and radio buttons dissappeared. You can see the options, but no radio or checkbox on the side.

    It happens only with Buddypress 2.4.0. As soon as I went back to 2.3.5, everything worked perfectly again.

    I presume it’s a conflict with the KLEO theme, if not everyone should have reported this. I couldn’t find the source of the problem 🙁


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  • r-a-y


    KLEO is a premium theme that we do not have access to.

    – What happens when you switch to another theme? Does the problem still occur then?
    – If the problem still occurs after switching the theme, what plugins are you using?
    – Do you see any errors in your browser console?

    Ben Hansen


    also have you checked with Abe at SeventhQueen? He’s usually very responsive on his own support forums.




    Have tested this issue with Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Twelve and Kleo

    There appears (to me) to be two seperate issues.

    1) irrespective of theme

    Previously when Enforce Field Visibility was checked then the Option to change field visibility did not arise on the registration form.

    Now it does appear, and can be acted upon, even when Enforce Field Visibility is checked.

    And the new potential member is allowed to change visibility nothwithstanding that it had been marked (say) Admins Only.

    (Haven’t yet gone into tho database to check what has happened in bpxprofile data – but i do think something is amiss)

    2) With Kleo

    In addition to the above (will notify SeventhQueen)

    When the Registration page is opened the div containing the options to change visibility is open (default) on the form. – not good

    On the other themes the div containing the options to change visibility is closed (default) on the form.- all good





    Many Thanks. Patch good.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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