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Buddypress 2 domains and can be retrieved on both

  • paxrisen


    I need help and although I have 2 domains once .com and .de. These two sides I have installed on my Websever in 2 different folders and installed both the same plugins. I would like to have a possibility to connect both sides. So the buddypress on both sides the same user possesses however one one on .de or .com in the profile go can be without the buddypress only over one domain is callable.
    The problem I had namely with the test it as multisite run. There buddypress was then only over the main page, ie the first page attainable and the subdomain which I had with a plugin on .de changed had no buddypress profile.

    I would like to have the profile with the .de or .com menu bar on top and thus the profiles have to be retrievable on both sides. Is there such a possibility

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