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BuddyPress Activation and Registration Sites are missing ?

  • academia2020



    BuddyPress Activation and Registration Sites are missing ?

    I use the “eduma” theme with a BuddyPress plugin, and the Activation and Registration Sites are missing ?

    Shouldt those be setup automatically ?

    And if not how can create or fix this problem?

    This a Link to see whats it says :

    If I click repair it wont do anything.

    Maybe I am just a stupid person but I dont how it would be creating an Activiation and Registration site manually, because the rest was created with the theme automatically.

    If there is a way to fully delete the site and reinstall the theme “freshly” I would do that.

    Thank you for the time and patience guys

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  • shanebp


    Did you look at any of the documentation?
    For example:



    Thanks for the reply Shane,

    I did tick the box anyone can register before I installed the theme.

    It just didnt create those 2 sites (activation; registration) but did create other sites tho.

    I really dont know if I should just manually create those and assign them to BuddyPress or try to delete everything and reinstall the theme, which wouldnt be a guranteed way to get those sites automatically…

    If you have any alternatives Shane I would love to hear them thank you for your time anyway.



    You can just create empty pages and assign yourself, to test they have worked you will need to use another browser or logout as the registration page won’t appear if you are already signed in.




    I jsut found out myself myself yesterday… jesus f…. christ…

    Finally a somebody that understood the problem with great advice !

    Thank you for the interest and time.

    Have a good one !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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