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Buddypress Activity Link (time ago) Issue

  • Cartographer


    Hi there,

    I found an issue (or a bug) I am not sure.

    I have a WordPress/Buddypress installation. I use Groups and each group has its own forum.

    Let’s go to the problem now.

    A community member creates a topic (under a Group forum) with a big Greek title
    (for example: Αυτός είναι ένας εξαιρετικά μεγάλος τίτλος).

    Every link pointing to this topic is ok except the time link in the Activity post (which is created automatically) e.g. two minutes ago. Somehow the title is cut and the link is pointing to a page “Topics not found”

    Even the “topic title” link of the same activity stream is pointing to the correct page, the problem occurs only in the time link (e.g. two minutes ago).

    Maybe you could try to replicate the issue by adding as an example the title (above) to a new topic and check the activity post.

    When the title (in Greek) is short e.g. two words, the issue does’t occur.

    Thank you for your time 🙂

    Buddypress: 2.0.3
    Wordpress: 4.0
    Bbpress: 2.5.4
    Theme: Twenty fourteen

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  • danbp


    i’m unable to replicate your issue.
    I used your title and created a new topic in a group forum.
    Title is ok in swa and on group activity, and the ago thing in the Freshness col on the forum is ok too.

    Have you tested without any plugins but BP & bbP and did you deactivate some of your custom functions while testing (if you use some) ?



    Hi @danbp

    I really appreciate your efforts.

    The issue with the link is appeared in the freshness column of the site wide activity. The freshness column on the forum is indeed ok.

    For me, let’s say that the working link for my forum topic is:ένας-εξαιρετικά-μεγάλος-τίτλος-για-να/

    This link is working great everywhere except of the freshness column (the ago thing) in Sitewide activity. Clicking on this link you get:ένας-εξαιρετικά-
    where points nowhere.

    I tested without any plugin but BP and bbP, theme: Twenty Fourteen

    Thank you very much.



    remove the greek translation of WP and BP and test in english



    Hi @danp

    If I write the title in English there is no problem. The problem occurs only with greek characters.

    I removed the greek translation of WB an BP but still no luck.

    The strange part (as I see it) it is that the issue occurs only for the freshness column of the Sitewide Activity post. Everywhere else the link is ok.

    I hope a solution will be found.

    Thank you



    @cartographer – Please create a new issue on our ticketing system:

    Use the same credentials you use here on

    Sounds like an encoding issue, but we’ll need to investigate.




    Hi @r-a-y and @danp

    I created a new ticket as I was told here:

    I hope that I did the procedure well.

    It is a crucial issue for us, who use non-latin characters and hopefully there will be a solution 🙂

    I appreciate your time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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