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Buddypress Activity loop – retrieving comments and replies

  • Biswadip



    I want to add the newest topics and replies from one of my BBpress forums to my Buddypress activity feed for a group.

    I have retrieved the data from the forum with some database calls.

    The activity loop already retrieves the group data.

    I am trying to save the group data into an array and then add it to my forum data so I have a single array which I can then sort by date and display.

    I can save the data for the group updates by calling the various functions in the activity loop (“bp_get_activity_action()”, “bp_get_activity_avatar()” etc.).

    But I can’t seem to save the comments and replies to the group updates in the same way.

    I have tried using “bp_activity_recurse_comments” and “bp_activity_get_comments” functions but without any success.

    I know there is a “comment.php” template which is called by “bp_activity_comments()” but I haven’t had any success in attempting to call them.

    Could anyone nudge me in the direction of a possible solution?

    Many thanks

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