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BuddyPress Activity Stream as Blog Comments plugin

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    I like this BUT is there any way to show that there are actually “replies” to the blog post on the blog page? The activity page will show “reply (insert number of replies)” but all the blog shows is “no comments” which can be confusing to someone who wants to reply or know if anyone has replied to that post.

    No comments as a link could be confused as no one has commented and not that the blog is not actually accepting “comments” and is only accepting replies.

    I would love it if where it says “no comments” it said something like “reply” and somehow it would show IF anyone had replied either via the activity stream or Blog page.

    Can anyone help with this?

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    I tried everything I could think of, I found the “reply(#)” area in the “blogactivity-loop” and copied it to the index page, but it always shows “0”, I don’t know enough PHP to know if you have to call a function first or what makes it enter the correct number.

    So i have changed it to a link that says “Click to See Comments” not that great but its a personal site and it at least makes sense and isn’t as confusing.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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