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Buddypress Activity Stream breaks lightbox

  • jay7981


    I am quite new to wordpress and buddypress, however i am not new at troubleshooting. I have everything installed per the documentations and ensured its proper working functions with the default 2013 theme un-customized. i then installed a custom plugin to show player stats for an online game. In all themes when going to this page and clicking on details the lightbox pops up behind the theme, however In my troubleshooting i disabled all plugins except this custom one and it worked as it should so i then 1 by 1 enabled plugins and tested the page clearing the cache and reloading the page each time (exhausting as it was….) once i enabled the buddypress plugin it started popping up behind the theme once again. I then went into the settings of buddypress and disabled all components with the exception of the 2 core ones. and tried the page again now it works as it should. so 1 by 1 i enable the components until i get to the activity stream and viola here inlays the problem (yes i disabled the activity stream and continued to test until all other components were enabled.). I would like to have the activity stream working as well as my player stats. what can i do? i do know from some initial searching that having multiple lightbox operators can cause some unwanted issues. does the activity stream utilize a self contained lightbox addon that could be interfering with the themes built in lightbox?

    WP ver:4.2.2
    BP ver:

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