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Buddypress, Analytics & GDPR

  • knowitallninja


    So, Buddypress member pages show the username of the user obviously. This therefore will be passed to Google Analytics. The username counts as personally identifiable information, and therefore this is an issue with GDPR.

    This is my understanding. Is there a way to change the member page to use the userid of the member instead? Has anyone come across this problem and done something similar?

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  • r-a-y


    I’m not an expert on GDPR, but what are other large sites like Twitter doing about this? Twitter’s user handle is approximately the same as BP’s username.

    If you want BuddyPress to use something else for the profile URL, you can set the username in the user_nicename DB field and BuddyPress will use that for the user profile URL.

    Keep in mind that this might break whatever custom configurations you might have on your install.

    If you’d rather not mess with altering the data in the user DB columns, you can also potentially filter 'bp_core_get_user_domain' and 'bp_core_set_uri_globals_member_slug'.

    View this ticket for more info:

    If you wanted to use a plugin to change the profile URL to use the user ID, you can try using a plugin like this (untested):

    LH Number User Nicename

    Reminder: Always test in a development environment before deploying major changes on a live site.



    Hi @r-a-y

    My apologies for responding so slowly. I didn’t get a response notification to my email for some reason.

    As for Twitter. I’m not sure what they’re doing. I just know that Google Analytics are very clear that under GDPR no personally identifiable information should be passed in the URLs to Analytics and that usernames count as PII.

    I had a look at that ticket. Unfortunately the code in there causes my member areas to not work. It does replace their usernames with their id numbers in the url, but the url isn’t functional.

    So I guess my only option is to try that plugin to change all my users nicenames? That’s unfortunate. I really would hope the Buddypress developers would look into this as it is definitely an issue with Google Analytics conditions which I imagine many BP users do use.

    I’ll give the nicenames plugin a go soon.




    Basically I did not ask the last name but imposed the first name.
    I am not a GDPR specialist but I understand that most programs will not be able to change the programming structure.
    It still remains that this can be included in the request for consent (on the other hand still no checkbox (with descriptif) native to the registration of a new member)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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