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BuddyPress and BBPress both say "use a child theme"

  • Monika


    I like to use BuddyPress and bbPress, both told me:use a child-theme if you would like to customize.

    This is confusing, I can’t understand how to use two child themes at once.

    Any solution would be very very helpful….

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  • bp-help


    You just need a BuddyPress child theme. It would be awkward to have your main theme and then another one for bbpress especially since theme compatability came out. But there are themes for bbpress. I just believe in consistency or users may think they got redirected to a whole different site. You want every page to be identifiable to your brand or else people will get confused. At least that is my opinion. Imagine a theme based on Space, then one based on animals all on the same site. It would drive people nuts trying to figure out what happened! LOL!



    oh no I would not customize the design 🙂

    only permissions and functions

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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