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BuddyPress and bbPress on separate subdomains of multisite install

  • menathor


    Hi all,

    Just wondering if I could get some advice on a multisite setup. I’ve done a lot of googling and read a bunch of previous posts but I’m still a bit uncertain on whether the setup I’m going for is possible.

    Basically, I’d like to have BuddyPress on the main domain, bbPress on a subdomain (child site) but have them integrate just as nicely as if they were both on the same domain. I.e. user roles, activity feeds etc. But I don’t want any of the important buddypress and bbpress menus to be in Network Admin dashboard, since I never give my clients network admin access.

    Is it possible to get this happening, and what would be the best way? From what I’ve read, if I network-activate BuddyPress some menus will go into the Network Admin dashboard?


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