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Buddypress and Learndash Groups

  • shubhamkhulbe


    Hi, I hope you are doing well. We Recently encountered a problem with our LMS application. While navigating on any Groups page that has a long list of paginated courses, we get an admin-ajax.php (404 not found error) on console if we select to move to the 2nd or any subsequent page. After some trial and error, we determined that there is some issue with the Buddypress plugin that is causing this error; i.e; after disabling the plugin, we do not get this error and we can navigate to the other pages.

    Our Application uses the following among many other plugins:
    1. BuddyPress
    2. BuddyPress Edit Activity
    3. BudyPress for LearnDash
    4. BuddyPress Global Search

    Some additional details that might be relevant:
    1. LearnDash version
    2. WordPress version 5.6
    3. Php version 7.4

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  • shanebp


    If the courses are added to groups via LMS, then you should contact LMS with specifics about the ajax error.

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