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BuddyPress and Multi-Sites

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    I’m building an mu site and I’m trying to determine if BuddyPress features can be retained using the model I’m proposing. Thanks very much for any comments on this…

    Proposed Model

    1. Exclusive Content Blogs

    made up of a series of 10-12 blogs under the same branded banner.

    i.e.;, etc.

    Each blog will be accessable to public but full content and commenting only accessable to users based on member level – i.e. free, paid can view all, but public restricted to viewing post excerpt only.

    This access will be controlled by post access tags used within each post.

    2. User Blogs

    Give users the option to setup their own blog that they can use to promote their business inside the community and of course externally to a wider audience.

    All Member levels of as well as the public can view these blogs.

    Ideally, these blogs could have their own blog-specific users so that the blog owner can run their own marketing campaigns to the specific users of their blog.

    The User Blogs section will have its own unique identity, (i.e. whilst still remaining part of the larger network and brand.

    3. Social Network Layer (using BuddyPress)

    Overlaying all of the the above is a social network.

    This allows for all user activity across both areas (Exclusive and User Blogs) to be aggregated within the social network using BP.

    If you’ve read this far… thanks for sticking with me :)

    My most pressing questions are:

    1. Can BuddyPress work across the entire network as above if the User Blogs area is setup using a multi-site plugin?

    2. If the answer is NO to #1, then can BuddyPress still do its job across all users if the User Blogs are Domain Mapped on top of the root install?

    thanks for any help in advance


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