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buddypress and multisite. Having troubles

  • aju29


    WP, buddypress verson- latest
    Theme- buddyboss
    Other complex plugins- Seo by yoast, mycred, jetpack, woocommerce etc.
    1. when activated in single site under a network, error like “insufficient permission to view this page” comes when trying to edit users and approve users
    2. forgot password form not working
    3. After deleting the user(already activated), when try to re-register with register page, red box with “already sent an email……” appears. Seams like the email is not deleted from database.
    4.Registered members who activated their account doesnot show up in members.

    I tried everything like deactivating other plugins, changing theme to twentyfifteen, flushing the cache and deleting cache plugin… but did not have any fortune.
    my website

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  • djsteveb


    @aju29 – If I were you I would make a zip file backup of all your files (through cpanel or whatever) – then export your database (follow the instructions in the for exporting backups – (you’ll need to go into phpmyadmin -> export – advanced – check “add drop table” – export)

    check your server error log to see if there is anything in there that would give a clue when you get the ““insufficient permission to view this page” error.

    Check to make sure you have “pretty permalinks” set properly.

    IF you deactivate all plugins, and switch to default theme, and things do not work right at that point – something is wrong.. could be your server setup, could be you forget to add the line needed for multi-site to work properly.. go back and re-trace steps..

    Then I would start fresh, delete everything and install a totally fresh WP –

    Of course you could do this in a different folder or something.. but you need to get wp multi-site and buddypress working with default theme before mucking it up with other plugins and themes.. once you establish that the basics work with your server and setup – then start adding the other stuff one by one to see if something breaks it.

    Someone else may have an idea of what your trouble is and chime in – I don’t know your exact setup and what your exact issues are when you are trying to do what exactly – I am just another BP user, not a wp / bp dev / guru by any means.

    Roger Coathup


    Please see and associated tickets for a fix for point 1. It’s a known problem.

    Roger Coathup


    For point 3 — make sure you are deleting your users from the network admin panel, and not just removing them from a specific site using the site’s dashboard.

    For point 4 — members will typically show once they have logged into the site

    For point 2 — you need to be more specific about the problem you are seeing – rather than just saying “it isn’t working”. Have a search on the forums (including general WP ones) for this type of problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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