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Buddypress and PATHINFO: “Almost Pretty” permalinks?

  • Jerrald Hayes


    Is there anyway that BuddyPress can be used with PATHINFO: “Almost Pretty” permalinks. I installed BuddyPress over the weekend on one of my sites that uses the PATHINFO: “Almost Pretty” permalink structure ( and found that BuddyPress doesn’t adopt that structure and leaves out the critical /index.php/ after the domain name so I just get error messages with any BuddyPress related navigation.

    Is the only solution available to me to get my host to install/enable mod_rewrite on there windows web server or is there a way BuddyPress will work with PATHINFO permalinks?

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  • @Jerrald Did yoiu get an anwer? I am in the same position and finding it hard to find a soluition.

    I definately want to stay with the PATHINFO format and just need BuddyPress to use the same permalink construction.

    Bumping this for my attention

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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