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BuddyPress and WPLMS Plugin, login issue, cookie is ignored?

  • meilershsag



    My site is It is using the WPLMS plugin, which leverages BuddyPress for the login and user management.

    After I updated the site with an SSL cert and domain, the login developed an issue where even though I have logged in with the correct user name and password, and the login cookie has been successfully created, the page does not update with the logged in user, and will not let you into the restricted content areas. Only after clicking around and trying many times will the site suddenly see the cookie and show you as logged in.

    This screen shot shows that the cookie exists, but the site does not show a user logged in:

    screen shot of cookie issue

    I have been through extensive troubleshooting of the site. My database, config files and site files all use the fully qualified URL; my host (GoDaddy) is configured with the certificate and URL. I have added the site URLs to the wp_config file as suggested by dozens of tutorials. What would cause the site to create the cookie but then ignore it? This happens regardless of browser, and with and without Incognito or private browsing. As I understand it, the site uses BuddyPress to log in, and then hands that login off to WordPress. The WordPress login (available if you choose reset password) also has the same problem.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

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  • meilershsag


    Bumping this, please if anyone has seen anything like this, let me know.



    Hi, this sounds like a caching issue, have you checked ?



    Try disabling ajax login in WP Admin – WPLMS – BuddyPress

    In all PHP & Cookie based login systems you will most likely need to refresh the page from the server. It may happen that when you refresh once, the browser shows as cached version, to confirm just change the url by adding a url/?1 ?1 parameter in your url to force browser to consider it as a new request.

    IF you are using version 4, this issue would not appear. The login system is built on JWT, so it happens instant without page loads and there is no nonce passed here, so you can cache your pages for eternity as static html and get better page loading time.



    Guys.. if anyone knows someone who is free to customise my website using wplms pls drop me an email

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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