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Buddypress as Job Finder Employee Finder

  • pathfinder8888


    Sorry about the confusing title. Our nonprofit veterans support organization need a tool on our website,, to assist veterans looking for work to find suitable employers and conversely for employers to find vets to hire.

    My question is that before I get too vested in BuddyPress, does anyone out there think it is realistic for me to configure BuddyPress for this purpose?

    If so, then any hints on how to proceed would be appreciated. I am a software developer by trade and not daunted by complicated configuration or customization.

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  • DennisBarkerCV


    There is a WordPress plugin called Job Mamager written by scribu that can handle what you are looking for, or you could set up a group for each vacancy and let people join the group to express their interest and use extended profiles as a CV.

    i’m not a developer but am planning a site which matches people to jobs in a similar way using this plugin.



    There is this plugin too for job board creation. WP Job Manager by Mike Jolley

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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