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Buddypress Avatar Cropping Mobile – Portrait

  • tford06


    I’m sorry I put this in the wrong forum previously. I cannot find how to close the old thread or edit it.

    I’ve done a ton of research on this topic and I cannot seem to solve it. All the threads I find are old, but I’ve given some of the solutions a try with no luck.

    Whenever a user tries to upload on mobile in portrait mode the preview window cuts off the right half of the image.

    I’m on BP ver 2.9.2

    I’m using jquery 2.0.3 in the theme. Is that the issue?

    Any other ideas?


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  • leog371


    Just curious, but when you say “Cuts off the right half of the image” do you mean that once the upload finishes and is displayed on the profile, that half the image is gone “OR” do you mean that during the upload process, when you select image, you can only see half of it before you upload it?

    If the second is the case, I would recommend some css and media queries to assist the area to be responsive and display properly on mobile during landscape and portfolio views.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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