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Buddypress bp-forums functions not acessible

  • abiola89


    I am developing an android client for a buddypress forum and I am using the buddypress xmlrpc receiver to communicate. The xmlrpc plugin is restricted, it lacks ability to post. I am manually editing the xmlrpc plugin to satisfy all that I need it for but I am having difficulty accessing functions inside bp-forums-functions.php.

    To be specific, accessing bp_forums_get_topic_id_from_slug, bp_forums_new_topic and all other functions in bp-forums-functions.php gives a “Call to undefined function” error. Whereas accessing bp_core_get_userid and other functions inside bp-core-functions.php works.

    I am editing the bp-xmlrpc.php file directly and adding the necessary functions. e.g. I’ve added the following to get user id from username and it works.

    function bp_xmlrpc_check_user_id( $args ) {
        // Parse the arguments, assuming they're in the correct order
        $username = $this->escape( $args[0] );
        $password  = $this->escape( $args[1] );
        if ( !$this->login( $username, $password ) )
            return $this->error;
        $data    = $args[2];
        $userid = bp_core_get_userid($data['username']);
        return array(
            'confirmation' => true,
            'user_id'     => $userid
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