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buddypress causing apache2 segfault



    it was working fine on wpmu 2.8.4 and bp 1.1

    then upgrade to the latest wpmu (disable bp and related plugins first)

    then upgrade to the latest bp according the instruction.

    (no bbpress, only supercache, buddypress and disqus activated.)

    then weird things happens.

    sometimes i open and it show up themes and titles.

    (i have sitewide tag installed.)

    so i remove the sitewide tag plugin.

    and now i cant open nothing loads.

    other blogs on subdmain works fine.

    and when i check apache2 error log, i see exit signal segmentation fault (11) everytime i open

    again, other blog on subdomain still working. and other domain on the same server have no problem.

    only when i switch to non-bp themes, it can loads ok.

    if i switch back to bp default themes, segfault again.

    (btw i have php-apc installed if that makes a different…)

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    tried disabled bp

    remove the whole buddypress,

    re-install it.

    all original, un-edited files.

    default theme.

    still segfault.

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