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BuddyPress child theme: bottom of custom header begins repeat of top of image

  • Hopefully I can adequately explain this without the benefit of screenshots right in my post (sometimes bbPress can be a little too simple, guys!). When I uploaded my custom header, I made sure to use the default size of 1250px X 133px. You can see the header directly here for proof:

    However, when I actually view my header in the front end, the top portion of the image begins to repeat along the bottom. So far I can only get this to show in Chrome:

    When viewing the same page ( in IE 9, there is no repeating top portion of the image along the bottom, however, the last 3-5 pixels are cut off (which makes up the text portion of my logo, so it looks funny).

    I’ve messed with default.css and tried overwriting several elements including the header height, header searchbar padder, all of which didn’t affect the result in any of the above browsers.

    I’ve tried this both in my child theme (up right now) and the new BP 1.6.1 theme with the only change being the custom header and it exhibits the exact same behavior. I can’t imagine this went untested but before I log a bug, I need to know that I’m not crazy… well, at least in regard to this particular issue :-)

    The ONLY browser I can get a custom header to behave normally in is Firefox. Help!

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  • beeeerock


    I’m having the same issue… latest ‘mainstream’ versions of everything. I haven’t created a child theme – just trying out the BuddyPress Default to see if it will server my purposes. My header was configured in Photoshop to be exactly the 1250×133 pixels. In Chrome, I’m seeing what looks like the start of a vertical tiling of the header image… just a few pixels worth, but it looks pretty dumb. Firefox seems OK… don’t care what IE does with it… 😉

    Did you find a solution to the problem, or is this something in the way Chrome renders the page that can’t be fixed without an unreasonable amount of effort? When I viewed you link it looks like you’ve got it solved…

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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