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BuddyPress Dashboard Menu Missing

  • HI. First of all, im 99% sure its my theme causing the issue, but im wondering if i can solve it on the buddypress end. Basically, buddypress is installed and seamingly working — if i attempt to go to a settings page with a direct link, i get there. but the admin menu isnt visible. My theme is appthemes jobroller, and directly below the dashboard menu item is a “jobroller” menu item. Im thinking its interfering, but dont know where to start to resolve this. any help would be greatly appreciate. latest versions of wordpress/buddypress/theme running on localhost.

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  • Tammie Lister


    Really being able to see your site through a link would probably help if that is possible. However, you mention localhost so I take it you’ve not got it on a server. Diagnosing as a result is going to be tricky.

    I take it you’ve confirmed it is theme not plugin (other plugins to BuddyPress) by testing with the default BuddyPress theme? Your comments seem to be saying that?

    Outside of that it really is going to be a case of using something like Firebug or WebKit Inspector to try and pin down what is going on where. My guess is either an unclosed div or some scripting but I really can’t know without a link. Perhaps someone else has some better ideas I’ve not used that theme so probably if they have they can give better insight.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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