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BuddyPress Docs not loading docs from its sub folders

  • vericoit



    I have BuddyPress (v 12.0.0) and BuddyPress Docs (v 2.2.1) installed on WordPress v. 6.4.2.
    After the last update, I’m seeing an issue where BuddyPress Docs is not displaying contents from sub folders on the list table. This only happens to some of parent folders.

    Ex. I have a Main folder “A”, and multiple sub folders that use “A” as their parent. When the table row “A” is clicked to expand on the Docs table, a spinner shows then the sub folders list is empty. I did an browser inspection, and the row was showing “There are no docs for this view.” msg.

    However, when I go directly to the sub folders page of the “A”, I see all sub folders of “A”.

    So it’s not like sub folders are deleted or anything. They can be searched using the search function as well.

    I tried changing a parent of a sub folder “B” from “A” to a different parent folder “C”. “B” did not appear under “C” as well.

    I think this is a bug that was introduced with the latest plug-in update.

    Is there a manual fix that I can apply, or are you already working on a fix for this?


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